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Legacy Numismatics aim to provide our Advanced Coin Collecting database with graded high quality coins rarely seen on the open market. Demand for Indian Origin coins is growing fast and we combine the trust of 2 Key Players NGC & PCGS who professionally grade the coins we offer for sale.

Legacy Numismatics provide high end Uncirculated Indian Origin coins for real time buyers at auction or via fixed listings online. With customers across the globe we have experience of handling thousands of rare and valuable coins. Graded high quality coins have seen a dramatic increase in value in auctions, exhibitions & closed room sales. We research all our listings from the time of procurement, grading and shipping to our esteemed customers.

Numismatics is a complex hobby, but indeed a royal hobby to have. We at buyrarecoinsonline.com a unit of Legacy Numismatics Ltd, UK sell coins ready graded so customers have peace of mind of the quality they are purchasing. Coins are quality checked for strike, planchet quality, eye appeal, flan size, the date weather on coin or off flan, centered strike of the coins, engraving style and aesthetic appeal.

We observe for our customers the rarity, relative rarity, conditional rarity and popularity by demand of a coin. This may include type of coins, the years they have been issued in and the artistic beauty of a coin. On many occasions error coins have become collectible too. Our customers have been collecting over dates, off metal strikes, odd shaped coins, coins with motifs, special pedigree & most important availability & grades.

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